Buat dialog minimal 10 dlm dialog trsbt harus ada do, will, did, am, is have, was

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Buat dialog minimal 10 dlm dialog trsbt harus ada do, will, did, am, is have, was​

1. Mark : Hey, Andy I will go to the beach tomorrow

Andy : Wow really?

Mark : Yes,by the way, can you swim?

Andy : yes i can swim

Mark : That is amazing!

2. Jake : Good morning Dean!

Dean : Oh, good morning Jake

Jake : Did you come to Rosies birthday party last night?

Dean : Yes, Thats was great birthday party i think.

Jake : absolutely

3. Fasha : Hey Tina!

Tina : Oh hello Fasha

Fasha : Will you come to my birthday party tomorrow,Tina? I am turn 13 tomorrow!

Tina : Of course Fasha, anyway happy early birthday!

4. Raja : Hello Zahra!

Zahra : Oh Hi Raja

Raja : Is this your pencil case?

Zahra : Oh my God, yes that is my pencil case! thank you Raja!

Raja : anytime Zahra

5. Dinda : Where do you go mom?

Dindas mom : I Will go to Tante Rinas House

Dinda : why?

Dindas Mom : because she is have a new baby

Dinda : seriuosly? Im with you,mom

Dindas mom : come on,girl

6. Rasi : hey jevais look what i bring for you!

Jevais : wow is it a cat? where did you get it Rasi?

Rasi : I got it from uncle Sam

Jevais : it is cute

7. Julian : Wow Jerome! yore very cute in this photo

Jerome : That is when i was 5

Julian : Woah really?

Jerome : Yes

8. Aisha : Hi Mia did you watch TV yesterday?

Mia : Yes i did, i watch films with my family

Aisha : that was great!

9. Haruto : Morning, Asahi

Asahi : Morning Haruto

Haruto : Did you already do your English homework?

Asahi : Yes i did it yesterday

Haruto : wow amazing! what a diligent student!

10. Joshua : Justin, can i come to your house later?

Justin : Yes, You can lets do our homework later

Joshua : Okay i Will go to your house at 15pm

Justin : Okay See u Joshua

Joshua : see you Justin

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