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Tolong jwb dngn bnr.. ​


1. Yes, I did in the past. During the earthquakes, I was really shocked and scared. My legs was shaking because the ground was trembling. Everything around me was thrown everywhere and falling down. Everyone was panic, and trying to save their own life. And after the earthquakes periods ended, everything is a mess. Many building was collapsed to ground, . I can see some people was injured and some of them was safe and didnt get injured at all. Up until now, that accident was a dark flashback for me. I was traumatized by that, Im really lucky I was one of the person who survive from that accident.

2. Thats because many buildings were destroyed or collapsed because of earthquake, landslide happened due to shaking of the earthquake, the loss of many life, the ground surface becomes cracked, the road and any facility becomes broken, floods due to damaged embankments, and seabed earthquakes can cause tsunamis, etc. Many negative things happened because earthquake. Thats why earthquake was really dangerous.

3. Yes, I noticed that this text was an explanation text. It included a sequence of events and provided a reason for a process of phenomenon.

4. Explanation text, because it explain about earthquake and descriptions of it.

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